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For People and Planet

For People and Planet

When it comes to our planet, we reach for the stars. On April 22nd, Earth Day will be celebrated around the world. Our strong commitment to sustainability, combined with our technology resources, allows us to make an earthly impression.

At the AutoNation Company Store, we believe in this journey too. We understand that innovation helps us create stronger, healthier communities everywhere we do business. Our values unite us, informing and inspiring the way we interact with one another. Together, we are more impactful.

We believe that our efforts in creating new products should have a positive effect on the environment around us, no matter where we live. Which is why the month of April is so very important to us.

We are proud to introduce new products made with recycled plastic from landfills and oceans— each prepared with purpose. Made with comfortable, recycled polyester that is durable, soft and designed to last — these products are more than a fashion statement. They represent our footprint in reducing plastic waste and our commitment to encourage others in the industry to make collective progress towards recycling.

Radical Transparency

These new sustainable products are made in the United States with sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly production. What does that mean? Less plastics going to landfills or ending up in our oceans. Less energy is needed in production. Less time is required in the production process.

Why is this important to us? Because the apparel industry is currently the second most polluting industry worldwide, second only to oil. Clothing production depletes the Earth’s resources and generates an alarming amount of pollution annually, consuming massive amounts of fresh water and requiring substantial fossil fuel use for transportation.

A few facts (courtesy of Forbes Magazine):

  • Nearly 70 million barrels of oil are used each year to make the world’s polyester fiber, which is now the most commonly used fiber in our clothing. But it takes more than 200 years to decompose.
  • More than 150 billion garments are produced annually, enough to provide 20 new garments to every person on the planet, every year
  • Americans throw away about 70 lbs of clothing per person every year
  • Fast fashion garments, which we wear less than 5 times and keep for 35 days, produce over 400% more carbon emissions per item per year than garments worn 50 times and kept for a full year
  • Cheap synthetic fibers also emit gasses like N2O, which is 300 times more damaging than CO2
  • Over 70 million trees are logged every year and turned into fabrics like rayon, viscose, modal and lyocell

    Life Proof

    We are proud to share that these products require less resources to make the fabrics, which is similar to virgin polyester in terms of quality. The production requires 59% less energy than that of new polyester as the manufacturing process doesn't include the extraction of crude oil and natural gas from our planet. 

    Our "Polo with a Purpose" is made with comfortable, recycled polyester, each Planet Polo keeps 10 plastic bottles from landfills and oceans. 45% recycled polyester, 45% polyester, 10% elastane. 4-3/4 OZ, heather jersey, moisture wicking, self-goods collar with collar band.

    The engineered fabrics used in our custom neckties and scarves mimic a high quality silk, but  milled from recycled water bottles and printed with our design. The result is an incredible soft feeling tie with superior durability. We hope you enjoy looking at our new products and wearing them with great pride. 

    Together, we can change the world. And we hope you join us on this journey as we continue to lessen the burden on Planet Earth while reaching for the stars.




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